Imagine having idea for a business and just beginning to start out, working hard, going to events and fairs, creating an online presence by marketing on social media. Just beginning to move product out and there is a buzz surrounding your product you worked really hard to create.

One day you wake up and find a big company has copied your innovative idea, while being first to market is a benefit. But if you don’t play your cards right it may result in many copy-cat companies. It is important to know your rights to intellectual property, and what routes to go about in protecting such as patents and copyrights.


This link is to an interesting blog post about 5 famous copyright infringement cases, and the lessons learned from them:


What is copyright and intellectual property?

Before delving into a discussion about social media in copyright and intellectual property in 2025, it is important to note there is a difference between copyright vs intellectual property. Think of intellectual property as an umbrella that over sees various divisions of human creativity and the rights that pertain to this. There are a several legal regimes that fall under intellectual property laws, these include:

“copyright, trademark, and patent law fall under the umbrella of intellectual property, mostly decided under federal law. As a general premise, I usually add licensing law and trade secret law under the intellectual property umbrella. Licenses and trade secrets are decided under state law.” (“The Difference Between Copyright & Intellectual Property”, 2010)

This link goes on to explain the difference between copyright & intellectual property with an interesting anecdote about a copyright lawyer:


By: Christina Bulic, 2016


Ellison, K. (2012). 5 famous copyright infringement cases (what you can learn). Retrieved


The Difference Between Copyright & Intellectual Property. (2010). Retrieved from

The Difference Between Copyright & Intellectual Property

4 thoughts on “What is Copyright and Intellectual Property?

  1. Hi there Christina!
    I really enjoyed the link that you provided with the famous copy right cases. I really think that people don’t realise how serious breaking copy right laws can be until they see real life examples. I found another article of cases in the music industry actually, since I was so interested in other cases out there:

    Otherwise, I found your explanation between intellectual property and copyright very helpful since I was not very aware not only of the main differences but also the fact that there are several legal regimes. Thank you for sharing !



  2. Good analogy Christina, I didn’t really know what the difference was between copyright and intellectual property until you dived into the details on how they differentiate from each other. The diagram is simple and helpful. The link I sent explains everything you mentioned, trademarks, IP, copyright and patents, in a clear definition.


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